Tree Removal

Tree Removal:  In the Hampton Roads area, because of our climate and severe weather risks, removal of dead or weakened trees should be taken seriously, before mother nature decides to do it for you.

The reasons for removing a tree are as varied as the age and condition of the tree being removed, safety concerns, and proximity to other trees or buildings. 

The average removal can be accomplished safely with a small crew.  Tree removals get more technical as the number of obstacles, or safety factors increase. 

Typically, cranes and bucket trucks are used when trees cannot safely support a climber.  Although you do not need a certified arborist to remove trees, there is much to be gained by having tree removals performed by an arborist. 

Arborists study tree biology (how trees grow and form and interact with nearby trees and buildings), and are experienced with the dynamics/characteristics of many species of trees.  This study and experience aid the arborist in making informed decisions during challenging removals.

Arborists are professionals who make the difficult look easy. When in doubt, call an Arborist!




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