Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my trees pruned? 

You should have your trees evaluated annually, they may only require pruning once every 2 to 5 years.

When is the best time to prune a tree? 

Generally speaking, trees may be pruned year round, however, trees respond best to pruning when they are least stressed.  Drought, over-fertilization, and lightning damage are but a few of the factors that cause stress.  An Arborist will also consider tree location, age, species, and vigor when recommending when to prune.

What is the difference between Tree Care Companies and Tree Servicing companies?

Tree Care Companies are required to have an arborist on staff, companies providing Tree Services are not.  Certified Arborists have years of training in the full spectrum of tree-care, including compliance with National Safety Requirements.

Should I fertilize my trees?

The majority of trees in a residential setting will require fertilization.  It is best to have them evaluated by an Arborist prior to applying fertilizer.


Is "Topping" bad for a tree? 

For most species, YES!  Topping a tree rarely achieves the original goal. 

Consider the following facts: 
Topping starves a tree by removing its’ food making ability; 
Leaves provide a sun-screen which when removed, can scald and dessicate the bark. This increased sun exposure can also result in the loss of understory plantings;
Large and numerous wounds reduce a tree’s resistance to damaging insects and disease;
Topped trees are robbed of their natural form and beauty, often reducing property value and becoming the community eyesore;

Within a few short years the previous size and weight regrow, but are growing on less stable wood due to decay around the topping sites;

Lastly, MONEY.  Topping has hidden costs making it more expensive than proper pruning or removal...  Many topped trees die, adding removal and replacement costs;

These considerations are why most owners opt to top for safety reasons only.

What does "Fully Insured" mean and should I request "Proof of Insurance"?

Fully insured means that a company is covered with both Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance.  Yes, you should request "Proof of Insurance" prior to signing a contract; otherwise you may be assuming full responsibility for an uninsured company.

We bought a home on a wooded lot, why are my trees dying?

Grading and scraping of top soil, removal of top soil, and compaction of soil are the main reasons for dieback and loss of trees on wooded lots.  Hire an Arborist to evaluate the health of any trees on a property before buying; you can save yourself much anguish and thousands of dollars!

Why do estimate prices vary greatly between companies?

1.) Insurance: NOT all tree care companies carry insurance. 
2.) Equipment and personnel: These two factors have direct impact on efficiency of operation. 
3.) Experience: Erratic estimates (extremely high or low) are normally the sign of inexperience.

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